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21 Jun 2023

Devlog - week 9 of 33

I took advantage of the multi-paradigm nature of Racket and Lisp, for parsing Dok code. I used [Brag](https://docs.ra...
14 Jun 2023

Devlog - week 8 of 33

I started the Dok compiler. It uses the Racket RACR library, based on Attribute Grammars. I need to use customized ex...
04 Jun 2023

Devlog - week 6 and 7 of 33

I restarted working on Dokmelody in the last two weeks. I studied a lot of papers and personal notes, trying to synthe...
05 Feb 2023

Devlog - week 3, 4 and 5 of 52

I spent too much time rethinking the organization of the websites. This is an unacceptable yak shaving for an alpha-sta...
18 Jan 2023

Devlog - week 2 of 52

I'm developing in a private branch a new version of Dok language syntax and semantic. Next week, I hope to release some...
08 Jan 2023

Devlog - week 1 of 52

I want to release a proof of concept before the end of 2023. I will document the progress every week as a source of mot...